Amy Frey Miller, MD

Originally from the Midwest, Dr. Miller graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, where she studied neuroscience and began her interest in the mind/brain connection at the National Institute of Mental Health.  She continued her medical education at the Medical College of Ohio and then Case Western Reserve University Hospital in Cleveland.  During her residency she completed a behavioral health/counseling tract and followed with a fellowship in Women’s Health.

Dr. Miller has more than 10 years of experience as a family physician in the Richmond area.  She recently worked with a pain medicine practice to further her knowledge and skills in more specialized disorders including Fibromyalgia, Ehlers Danlos (joint hypermobility), migraines, and autonomic disorders.   She believes in an integrative approach to treating all disorders by utilizing nutrition, supplements, sleep, exercise, mindfulness, etc., and is happy to work with patients to make changes.  The goal is to live well and to take the right medications, not simply more medications.  Amy is also a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician.

She keeps busy with her 2 teenage children and has become a classic soccer mom despite her best intentions.  Her other interests include traveling (when the world allows), reading great books, cooking, hiking and walking her dog.  She is currently accepting new patients.