Deborah Febish, ND, MH, CIR

Deborah Febish is a Christian Minister, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, and Certified Reflexologist. She has 30 years’ experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner and is certified as an Integrative Health Practitioner from The Advanced Integrative Medical Clinic. She earned her Doctor of Naturopathy from The Clayton School of Natural Health. Dually qualified in Native American and European Herbology, has earned her Master Herbalist Degree from Dr. John Ray Christopher’s School of Natural Healing. At the Advanced Integrative Medical Institute, in Washington D.C., she earned her certificates in Iridology, Sclerology, Integrative Bowel Detoxification, Electral Dermal Resistance Analysis, Bio-Ionic Chemical Analysis and Microscopy and Clinical Integrative Reflexology.

She is also experienced in Homeopathic Medicine, studied at Johns Hopkins University, and is an ordained Native American Christian Minister by Three Feathers Gathering of Lambs World Ministries.

Reflexology: Reflexology deals with reflexes that are in the feet and hands. These reflexes correspond to all the glands, organs and various parts of the body: Heal spurs, fibromyalgia, gout, colon issues, allergies, headaches, sinus issues, colds & flu, high blood pressure, diabetes, sciatica issues, sleep issues, menopause issues, prenatal issues, pain in the upper and lower back, over-all well-being and cancers.