Margie Crow, LCSW

Ms. Crow has been a practicing therapist for over 30 years. She received her graduate training at Virginia Commonwealth School of Social Work and has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1984. Ms. Crow has been in private practice for the past 19 years. Her training and work experience includes working with children, adolescents and adults.

Before going into Private Practice Ms. Crow spent 14 years as the Clinical Director of the Crossroads Services Board overseeing the development and delivery of mental health, substance abuse, emergency services and early childhood intervention services for seven counties.

Ms. Crow’s focus is on a strength based approach and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Ms. Crow specializes in treatment of:

· Mood (emotional) disorders such as depression and anxiety.
· Attention, concentration, focus issues that impact school, work & family, (ADHD) in Children and Adults
· Life Changes/adjustment issues
· Grief & Loss issues • Trauma
· Stress Management • Addiction Issues
· Autism Spectrum Disorders • Marital/Couple Issues

“My primary goal is to enhance individual and family lives by assisting them to identify new coping strategies. Participating in a personal counseling experience creates an environment conducive to exploring personal growth opportunities which often translate into better overall emotional and physical health.”