Our Vision

Our Mission

We are wellness advocates, passionate about creating a shift in the primary “care” paradigm which implies “disease” to one of primary wellness. We empower individuals to achieve vitality and wholeness by developing personalized, mind and life-force optimization plans.

Our History

HealthVisionsMD has in essence been in creation for the last 10 years… in the mind of Dr. John W. Verheul, MD, MPH, and Board Certified Family Physician with over 28 years of experience in the greater Richmond, Virginia area. He has been listed a “Top Doc” in many area journals and has won countless area awards for his compassion and concern for the welfare of his patients. As an Assistant Professor in Family Medicine, he has seen firsthand not only the advantages of Western medicine, but also its failings, in the treatment of patients. His extensive travels, as well as his numerous interactions with “alternative” healthcare providers led him to obtain a Master’s Degree in Public Health, to give him the tools to more fully scientifically investigate the claims of various forms of alternative health care. HealthVisionsMD is the culmination of those years of effort. A collaboration of the highest levels of organized traditional healthcare and alternative treatments that have been shown to be highly successful in their own right provides individuals with a personalized journey to optimal vitality.


We provide value by combing science and healing arts to develop customized wellness maps to optimize vitality. “Modern” medicine and “ancient” or innate wisdom come together under one roof to form unlimited healing potential. We offer personal, service drawn, patient centered health solutions. We are the individual’s personal health support team and encourage everyone on the health journey.

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